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Welcome to my Online Portfolio and thanks for stopping by!  

Here's a little more about me...

I'm fast, friendly, professional, reliable, listen well to my client's needs, and deliver great work..  I am a skilled makeup artist and stylist who has 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry, including production experience on a global scale.  Creatively, I began as an assistant in both wardrobe and makeup, and am well versed in both makeup/hair and wardrobe departments.  I can wear many hats at once while having a fun and approachable manner.  

People hire me to work with A-list actors, musicians, athletes, and personalities because I am fast, respectful of their time and space, and treat everyone on set how I would like to be treated--with a smile and respect and zero nonsense..  

I'm creative, resourceful, fun and thrive on collaborating with others.  I have always loved being on set. And I love to travel! 

In my free time, I sing, write, and play music on the piano and guitar.